Each of our lots come packaged with tamper proof strapping for your convenience. The Strapping ensures better inventory manangement and easier cross verification of stock on site.

8mm 10 bars | 16mm 3 bars
10mm 7 bars | 20mm 2 bars
12mm 5 bars | 25mm 1 bar

(Straight material is packaged in 2 M.T. bundles)

How Strapping

Benefits You?

Easy to store at Site or your shop

The strapped lots make it extremely convenient to store at your site or shop in a neat and uniform manner.

Easy inventory management

Strapping allows you to keep track of your TMT inventory in an orderly fashion saving you time and effort.

Reduces pilferage on site

The Bundled lots help reduce pilferage as it requires significant effort to break the strap and cannot be sealed without the proper machinery or equipment.