Superior Facilities

At GBR Metals, we take our quality control very seriously and begin our process right from the raw material we procure, the billets we manufacture to the TMT bars that we dispatch. GBR TMT is certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards for to the norms prescribed by the IS 1786:2008 standard [CM/L – 6943589]. Our billets are also certified as per the IS 2830:2012 standard [CM/L – 6943488]. Each division has its own separate testing facilities to ensure autonomy in the control procedures.

GBR products are also PWD approved. Click here to see the certificates

Controls in the Melting Procedures

Raw Materials

Quality control starts with ensuring that Raw Materials which contain harmful elements such as Phosphorous and Sulphur compounds are not included in the melting process.

Batch Sample

As the batch is being prepared, a sample is taken to test the chemical composition and ensure that corrective measures can be taken if necessary.

Batch Wise Segregation

Each batch is marked and segregated.

Final Sample

Once the batch is fully ready to be cast, a sample is taken to ascertain the final chemical composition.

Controls in the Rolling Process

Raw Materials

Chemical compositions of the Billets are analysed before being unloaded at the rolling mill facility.

Batch-wise Charges

Billets are charged into the re-heating furnace according to analysed batches.


The process of Re-Heating and Rolling is controlled in such a way that the temperature of the bar at the last pass is a constant at around 950O C.

Hot Bed Inspection

Samples are drawn every 30 minutes and checked for ribs and lugs finish, section weight and yield strengths.

Roll Turning & Groove Cutting

The dimensions, shapes and angles of the ribs and lugs are strictly controlled to ensure uniformity.

Finish Testing

Random samples are drawn and tested to ensure that they conform to the norms prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards.